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Pitching Rules
The Independent baseball season should use AHSAA as the guideline. ...
Preamble to the US Constitution
Pitching Rules

The Independent baseball season should use AHSAA as the guideline.  19U and Varsity would be limited to 120 pitches in a day and JV would 100 pitches in a day.

2. The pitch count is based on pitches thrown to the batters during their time at bat. Warm up
pitches allowed before each inning or those warm ups allowed by the umpire in case of injury
or game delay do not count. All NFHS Substitution and Pitching Rules must be followed.
3. All pitches thrown to a batter count toward the pitch count, legal or illegal pitches. Pitches
during a dead ball (time called) do not count toward the pitch count.
4. The MAXIMUM number of pitches per day is based on the level of the pitcher pitching.
Note: A pitcher has the opportunity to complete the current batter when reaching the maximum allotment of pitches.
11th and 12th Graders: 120
9th and 10th Graders: 100
7th and 8th Graders 85
5. Specific rest periods are in place when a pitcher reaches a high threshold of pitches delivered
in a day. A calendar day is from 12:01 a.m. until 11:59 p.m. (Games that continuous play
goes beyond 11:59 p.m. are considered to be part of that same calendar day). The rest periods
required during the regular and tournament season are listed below:
Pitches Thrown Required Rest Days
76 or more 3 days
51 to 75 2 days
26 to 50 1 day
Less than 26 no rest required
A calendar day means that if a pitcher throws 76 pitches on Tuesday, that player may not
pitch again until Saturday. The starting and ending time of the game does not matter in the
calculation of when a pitcher is eligible to pitch again.

by posted 06/14/2020
Preamble to the US Constitution

by posted 06/14/2020
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